5 Apps Your Shopify Store Needs

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform you can find, and one of their best assets, besides incredible reliability, are the multiple apps you can install on your website. 

These apps are designed to help you connect with your visitors on a different level, increase the number of leads, and advertise your products on Google.

Of course, these are all optional, but they will make your whole activity easier, and also boost your sales and number of leads. I know better than anyone what it’s like to get over 600 leads every day!

Let’s now take a look at the 5 Shopify apps your store needs right now!

1. Smile Rewards 

The Smile Rewards app is going to help you retain your existing customers, by bringing them exclusive perks and discounts, referral programs, and VIP features. It uses a very intuitive user interface, and you can have it set up for your website in less than a day.

It’s got one-click integration with PushOwl, Klavyio, MailChimp, Recharge, and many more, and you can add it to your website for only $49/month. If you just want to try it out, there’s also a free version you can try!

2. PushOwl

Push notifications? Of course. Any website needs it, and they are a lot more powerful than you think. You can get started with PushOwl for free, and start gathering more and more leads. Also, let them know whenever they forgot products in the cart, when a favorite is back in stock or when you’re hosting a giveaway. 

3. Justuno

Justuno is an app that’s specialized in pop-ups and CRO tools. Its purpose is to increase the number of leads, as well as the conversion rates by using email popups, exit offers, countdown timers, and spin-to-win systems.

The intelligent system will work amazingly with Klavyio and use all the marketing channels available for the best results!

4. Refersion

This app was made especially for affiliate marketing. You can create an unlimited number of offers, using multiple commission types, and design your registration pages to attract more and more people in the program! 

You can track the orders with the referral links, coupons, emails directly from your dashboard, and you can separate the affiliates from influencers. 

This app starts at $89/month, and Refersion offers a free listing in their Marketplace. 

5. Google Shopping

With Google Shopping you can easily list your products on Google, and your customers will be more likely to purchase this way. You can track your Smart Shopping campaign’s performance from your Shopify dashboard. 

If you also add Klaviyo and start using email marketing to your advantage, you have all the tools you need for success. 

I know it can be overwhelming, but you can always give us an email, and we will find the best option for your business, and do it! 

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