SMS Advertising - How I Got 600 Leads A Day

When it comes to SMS advertising or SMS marketing, it’s important to note that even though it’s a very powerful tool, not a lot of people are using it.

Think about it this way. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Well, honestly, most people will check their phones. And that’s not something new. 

Although email marketing is an amazing option, your emails may get redirected to the spam box, or just sit unread for days. In the case of text messages, people will most likely read them right away.

Now, to tell you a little secret, here is my story.

How I Got 600 Leads A Day With SMS Advertising

In 2017 I was working with Steiner Sports, which is a sports marketing and memorabilia company. Back then, they were having a hard time setting up an SMS campaign using Skipio. 

Needless to say, that plan had a big flaw. It was supposed to start sending texts with “2 baseballs for $99 Sale” to all our customer’s phone numbers. Obviously, that wasn’t going to work very well.

Luckily, we are resourceful people, and started thinking outside the box. Using our ties with the Yankee Stadium we came up with a master plan.

We set up a banner around the stadium for every home game, just before the 4th inning, saying “Text GARY to 313131 to enter to win a signed Gary Sanchez Baseball.”

Needless to say, everyone saw this banner, so they started texting “GARY” to that phone number. Everything was connected to the Gleam giveaway, so they all received an automated SMS confirming their registration.

The result? Every day I would come to the office, I’d see at least 600 new leads. Both phone numbers and email addresses. 

SMS Marketing Services

Now, it’s very important to know how to do it. Everyone can set up an SMS marketing campaign, but if you’re not careful with it, your potential customers may not advance in the funnel.

Luckily, we do know how to set them up properly. And that’s how we got 80,000 SMS leads and generated over $100,000 in one year, using the technique above.

It’s amazing how many things you can do using the right SMS marketing campaign, and it’s definitely worth using it for your business. Send out promotions, ask for reviews, or inform your customers about their order. 

It makes a huge impact to see that the business still cares even after the order has been shipped. 

So what now? Of course, if you want to set up an SMS marketing campaign for your business, you can always give us an email, and we will find the best solution for you. It’s definitely a game-changer and a great addition to your marketing strategy.

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