A How-To On Web Push Notifications

With a great business, come great ways of getting your customer’s attention to the facts. Now, we are going to talk about web push notifications and do a quick how-to about them, because they are powerful tools, yet some people are completely overlooking them. 

Push notifications are those little small messages your audience receives anytime and anywhere. Unlike popups, which only appear when the visitor is looking on the page, the push notifications will reach everyone. 

All they have to do is allow them when the message comes up. And to be completely honest, most people will click on the “allow” button. 

The best tool to add push notifications to your website on Shopify is to install Push Owl. This app will allow you to send messages and offers to your visitors, and eventually convert them into loyal customers. 

You can use them to remind your clients that they still have products in their cart, pushing him into making the buying decision, or you can directly send them marketing campaigns, with offers they can not refuse. 

What’s amazing, is that you have an unlimited number of subscribers, and it’s multi-platform, so your visitors can see them on their phones, tablets, and desktops.

Are Push Notifications Efficient?

They are actually one of the best tools you can think about, especially if you are a serious business with something to say.

Their bad reputation comes from the fact that some people use them to spam, but that’s almost never the case for brands. 

You can see the impact of your campaign, meaning that you will know how much profit they generate, and also see which of your products generate the most profit and which customers buy them, and use the data to create a great customer segmentation strategy

Even more, you will get to see how your visitors interact with the notifications, and where they are more likely to click, so you can further adjust your campaigns. 

When I was working with Steiner Sports, we added this app to the website. We were very pleased with the results, as we managed to acquire 30,000 signups in only six months. 

Now, the big secret is to use them properly. We did find the lucky combination, and by only using them for flash sales and important events updates, we managed to generate over $125,000 in one year. 

I know, it is a big number, but by using everything we learned, we managed to make that business very profitable.

With all the email marketing and SMS advertising campaigns it flourished. 

And your business can do that too, and we have proof to back up that statement. You can go ahead and drop us an email, and we will make sure your business has all the tools it needs to succeed. 

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