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DigitsUp is a creative and experienced team of web designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists dedicated to growing our clients’ online presence. Whether you’re just getting started or an established business we have the solutions to bring your ideas to life and your brand to new heights.

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Why DigitsUp?

Even with this tremendous growth in online sales and the ever-increasing avenues to reach consumers, 90% of startups fail and only half of small businesses will survive past 5 years.

From brand development and website design to cutting-edge digital marketing techniques and global customer acquisition, DigitsUp has a proven track record in developing sustainable and highly successful e-commerce strategies across a number of different industries.


For several years Exclusive Beauty Club has been working with Michael Grill on email marketing campaigns and website development. We were very pleased with all the work and expertise provided. He has exceptional knowledge with web design and digital marketing. He took time to understand our business and customers to optimize the functionality of our site and marketing focus. Michael did this in a manner that was also creative, eye-catching and professional. We continue to work with Michael as our “go to guy” and would highly recommend his services.

Marla Willis

I first met Michael Grill when we were working together at Steiner Sports. Collaborating with him everyday, I firsthand saw the incredible things he is capable of in the creative design and digital marketing space. He is always my go-to expert on this industry. I recently reached out to discuss IP warming strategies, and after talking with him for only 15 minutes, felt confident not only in planning warming strategies, but also on executing other email marketing best practices. His thorough knowledge in this ever-changing space is nothing compared to his true passion for what he does and his personal investment in every business he works with. You cannot go wrong with trusting him and his team.

Andrea Garcia

Recently we hired Michael and Digitsup to completely redo our website. His team rebuilt the site from ground up and the design and quality is superb. The ease of it interfacing with all media formats, desktop, tablet, and phone works seamlessly. With all the added features and how it works across the platforms with all other social media is changing our exposure and is giving us access to future clients we never had before. There was no request that DigitsUp could not address with a creative and often simple resolution. To say, “I am happy” is an understatement – “I am ecstatic” and cannot thank Michael and his team enough.

Bruce Nagel

I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their website's performance to reach out to Michael. He is professional, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our success. His dedication to helping us optimize our website experience and performance has been truly remarkable. From the first conversation, he listened attentively to our needs and objectives, providing thorough and insightful advice on how to achieve our goals. It has been a pleasure to work you, and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Blayke Hale

The level of clarity is what I love. I’m not well versed in the online e-commerce business just yet. But after working with Michael and learning the full potential of marketing, I was able to set up all the tools I never even knew I needed. I would highly recommended working with DigitsUp as they had not 1 but several ideas that changed everything for my brand. The giveaways we have run together were super effective. Looking forward to our next one! Thanks

Stephanie Frank

Between Stefans knowledge of online ads and Michaels creative edge we were able to better target and convert customers. These guys know what they are doing as far as customer growth. The out of the box strategies they have aquired are really something special. I will continue to use them to further development my business. Great work guys!

David Varni

I originally came to Myles and his team with the need to update my old website. After sitting with them, they built me on a whole new site and I even decided to give the email marketing and paid advertising a try for 3 months. Full transparency, I was nervous at first. Turned out to be an amazing financial decision, my book of business has nearly doubled and it’s only been 2 1/2 months. These guys are the real deal. Very easy to get in contact with and always full of positive energy. Thank you gentlemen I couldn’t be more happy.

Michael Defrancis

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