Why Are You Still Using Mailchimp?!

Well, as you probably know, or are about to find out, since March 2019, Mailchimp is no longer available in the Shopify store, and of course, not receiving any updates. That leaves us all wondering what to do next.

To be completely fair, the situation is not as bad as it may seem. All the MailChimp users can easily switch to another email system, such as Klaviyo. It allows you to build automated email flows and campaigns, giving you the opportunity to greatly increase your revenue. By having the automated systems and search engine optimization in place, you can only go up. 

Now, the question is, why keep using MailChimp, when you have amazing options, that are constantly being updated?

What Stops People To Switch From MailChimp?


Most people are very concerned when it comes to pricing, and, to be fair, it’s always something to keep in mind. The good news is that Klaviyo pays up as long as you set it up properly. Most people who switched from MailChimp to Klaviyo noticed a 45% growth in their revenue in only six months, which is a lot. 

It’s always about making money, but you really need to spend money in order to make more.

Migration Difficulties

Some popular opinions say that it can take up to one month to fully migrate a system. As we are the bearers of good news, we are here to tell you that you can have everything set up in a matter of days. You won’t lose important leads and will be able to keep in contact with your customers. 

It’s always incredibly important to choose a capable person or agency to help you with these things. One mistake can completely destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for. But this is why we’re here. To make sure the campaigns will reach your potential customers, and your store will thrive.

Possible Risks

No one wants to risk, but here, that’s not even an issue. Every single person in this loop wants you to succeed, so there is really nothing risky for you. And besides that, if you feel like you can find a better option, you can switch at any time. You’re not going to get stuck in a long-term contract you won’t enjoy.

Of course, making such a change is not exactly easy. The good part is that it’s not something you do every day. Or even every year. If you choose a stable system, that you know for a fact it’s going to be around for a while, you can skip these concerns. 

There are quite a few reasons you should stop using MailChimp, and go ahead and switch to Klaviyo. 

Getting Started With Klaviyo Email Marketing

Every business needs to integrate email marketing solutions. We live in a world that’s constantly moving, constantly evolving, and we need to find more and more ways to automate our tasks. Here, you will see how easy it can be to make everything work by itself, while you stay back and enjoy the success.

Ease of Use

Klaviyo right now is one of the leaders in the email and SMS automation services. You can easily create flows and campaigns and keep your audience engaged. By combining Shopify’s intelligent insights and Klaviyo automation, you can remind your customers that they had the intention to buy, thus moving them upper in the funnel, and closer to the buying decision. 

Get Your Own Expert

Because of its popularity, you can find many experts to help you set everything up. And guess what? This is what we do. You can take advantage of all the benefits of email and SMS marketing, and let us handle the hard part. 

We know how important it is to have everything set up and running, and be able to enjoy life at its fullest. So, after reading all this, why are you still using MailChimp? Go ahead and send us an email, so we can find the best option for you!

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