Migrating To Shopify

Shopify right now is probably the best and most popular eCommerce platform available, and yet, many people are not convinced they should move their businesses. Migrating to Shopify is the best thing you can do, especially right now, when the platform’s popularity is growing.

Since the pandemic has started, they are constantly investing in the platform and making new connections with other online providers. 

Just this week, Shopify partnered up with Shopify to create and implement new solutions for business owners, by creating Facebook Shops. 

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons for migrating to Shopify, and you will see for yourself why your business needs it.

Why You Should Switch To Shopify

1. Access To Complete eCommerce Solutions

Unlike many other platforms where you need to add separate PlugIns, Shopify gives you everything you need in order to set up an online store. It provides hosting, shopping cart functionality, and integrated sales channels. 

2. Ease Of Use

Shopify is one of the most straightforward platforms out there. You can easily customize your page with drag-and-drop elements, and if you’re coming from WordPress where you had to set up a whole new system for your products, you will find it incredibly easy to manage your store. Besides that, the dashboard gives you all the information you need on how your shop is going.

3. Many Apps And Themes Available

In Shopify, there are thousands of apps and themes you can add to your website, and you can do it only by pressing a button. You can get yourself an email marketing app, such as Klavyio, as well as push notification systems, like Push Owl. Besides that, if you can’t choose one of the free themes available, you can always buy one to be unique to your store!

4. Reliability

Shopify is renowned for its reliability already, and it’s honestly hard to beat their stats. With an uptime rate of over 99.8% and unlimited bandwidth, your website is not going to have any problems serving a few thousands of customers at a time.

5. Customer Support

Do you know how sometimes you need to wait a couple of hours to solve your problem? Well, that’s not the case with Shopify. They have 27/7 customer support and also offer video tutorials for almost every problem you may encounter.

6. Transparency

Shopify has no hidden fees whatsoever, which is going to be extremely helpful when you plan your activity. Their plans start at $29/month and you can add as many apps as you need, as well as shipping discounts and staff accounts. 

7. SEO

Sometimes, Shopify is believed to lack the most important SEO features, but that’s not the case. You can edit your meta titles, descriptions, slugs, and image alt tags just like you can anywhere. Besides that, if you’re migrating, you can easily create redirects for all your pages.

Ultimately, Shopify is what any retailer needs, and we can definitely help you, whether you want to migrate your online store to Shopify, or take the step and start selling your products online. All you need to do is send us an email, and we will find the best option for your business!

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