Email Marketing Plan - Warm-Up

Does a perfect email marketing campaign exist? Absolutely, but it’s something many marketers don’t really talk about. Either because they don’t know, or because they are not interested enough in it. 

In my time, I’ve been through many email migrations. While some were very easy, others took years to complete. What was similar for every marketing campaign, was the on-boarding, or the warm-up plan.

Without it, you have all the chances of landing in your client’s spam box, and there’s no going back from there.

When you are starting to use email marketing for your business, you are also making a reputation for yourself. You can be seen as a very serious business or a “spammy” one, as Google has its standards. 

Now, in order for you to keep your newsletters from reaching the spam box, you need to have a good reputation. This means that your emails must provide some sort of value and be realized correctly.

How To Create An Infallible Email Marketing Strategy

Let’s say you have an email list of 100,000 people. From those, about 80,000 usually open the emails, and the other 20,000 don’t. Always start with the ones with the highest engagement rates.

You will want for starters to create smaller groups of people and go from there. Filter all the Google leads from the rest and figure out who you’re talking to.

Let’s take a look at some numbers in order for you to understand what I’m talking about. Working with the 100,000 leads, let’s take a group of 20,000 leads and group them.

Group A: 20 (Most engaged)

Group B: 40

Group C: 80

Group D: 160

Group E: 320

Group F: 640

Group G: 1,280

Group H: 2,560

Group I: 5,120

Group J: 10,240 (Least Engaged)

Now. We’re doing this because we want to avoid our content being marked as spam. It’s a very thin line, and if five people out of 1,000 mark your email as spam, then there’s your label. By grouping and sending them separately, your chances of reaching the primary inbox increase, and so will your sales.

This is the ultimate plan if you want to create a good reputation for yourself, and it’s something most marketers completely ignore. I understand you may want to get everything done as soon as possible, but you can’t achieve perfection on fast forward.

Need help implementing your own email marketing strategy? The go ahead and drop us an email and we will make that possible for you! See your leads grow along with your sales!

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