How To Grow Your Small Business With Marketing

Since everything nowadays is online, business owners are trying to look for more and more ways on how to grow a small business with marketing. The truth is, there are sure ways to increase your sales and make a name for yourself, but there is some work involved.

Happily, we know what the best strategies are, and in this article, you will get to see how you can increase your sales with minimum investment and incredible results. 

In digital marketing, we are talking about a wide range of tools and platforms we can use. It’s a whole system connecting the best practices for our websites and the social media world. If they are used correctly, there’s only one possible outcome. 

What Is The Purpose Of Digital Marketing

Well, it’s fairly simple. Digital marketing can help you get your brand on the world map, and increase your revenue. You need to start establishing yourself in the online world. You can do that by using all the means at your disposal. Use social media, optimize your website, and take advantage of the analytics and insights available the next time you start investing in a digital ad campaign. 

Now, what is our purpose? Well, we want you to have access to one of the best digital marketing strategies out there. It’s been tested, it’s working, and it will help your business grow at a very fast, yet natural pace. 

It’s exactly how our clients go from zero to hero, with over $48,000 a month, using this simple strategy we put together. 

The Triple Threat

Our strategy doesn’t require much. The first thing you need in order for this strategy to work is to set up a giveaway. Giveaways are known to engage many people, as everyone wants to get something for free. This is the ultimate weapon as long as you know how to use it.

Your prize needs to be something that will make the people think “I must have it!” It doesn’t matter what you sell, because there’s a market for everything, but you need to know how to sell it. Some time ago, while I was working for a sports memorabilia company, we decided to give away a Michael Jordan autographed space jam photo, and we used this strategy along with SMS advertising

The result? We gained 14,000 leads from that campaign, and one of these leads ended up spending $13,000 in three sales. That was just one out of 14,000 leads, so you can imagine the outcome. 

After you have your product, you need to start setting up. The two main tools we use are Gleam and the most popular Facebook Ads. Gleam will help you create a campaign that allows people to win additional points by taking different actions, such as following on Instagram, liking your Facebook page, or even sharing the post with other people. 

Setting up this email marketing system to a landing page will keep all the traffic to your website, so whoever gets there, may also be interested in making a purchase right away. 

Keep in mind that the people signing up for this giveaway may be more interested in winning something than buying something, so your email marketing campaigns towards them need to be done in a certain way, to slowly bring them upper in the funnel.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. With this strategy, you can stand back and see your business growing at a very fast pace, giving you the life you always wanted. 

Remember you can always drop us an email, and we will create the best strategy to go with your business, and you will start seeing results in a very short time. 

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