How To Avoid Your Emails Going To Spam

This is no secret. Most times, marketers need to find ways to avoid the emails going to the spam box. No matter how good your newsletters are, if you’re not using the right technique and format, your campaigns may not get the coverage your business needs.

And to be fair, most of the emails people receive are very fancy, trying to sell as much as they can and of course, they land in the spam box. The email engines are learning how to differentiate important emails from newsletters, and they know exactly what to throw in the ‘Promotions’ or ‘Spam’ box. 

Of course, there’s a fix for that. It’s just a little secret any good marketer knows, and something you really need to use when you set up your next marketing campaign. 

Did you ever receive a plain email? Just text, a nice format, and everything written as it is. 

I’m talking about plain text emails. This specific type of email usually lands directly in the primary inbox, as long as it’s not built in an editor with a very bad reputation. 

Usually, these emails are sent from the CEO, and their purpose is to reactivate the customers who are not very happy with all the promotions they’re receiving. It’s a plain email, without any header or footer, and the only graphic in it is an email signature that marks it and builds trust.

Are Plain Text Email Right For You?

Well, the chances are that you need them. No matter how fast your email list is growing, from time to time, you may need to make sure they remember who you are and what you do. 

The main purpose is to sell, but you can’t set up an effective email marketing campaign if no one is actually opening and reading your messages, therefore, your sales may go down.

The best part about plain text emails? Most times they look very personal. Your clients get a message from a very important person in the corporation, and they will feel important and listened to. Throw in a great copy, and you will start seeing the results faster than ever. And to be fair, most people would rather get their information right away, without being distracted by tons of links and graphics.

While these plain emails won’t allow you to use any special elements, different fonts, or headings, it’s important that you know how to build them for maximum efficiency. After all, a block of text is not very attractive.

Thankfully, this is what we do! We know all the best practices when it comes to email marketing, and how to build a plain text email that your customers will open!

Not sure if this is a good option for you? Then drop us an email and we will definitely find the best option for you and your business, so you can maximize your profits and use email marketing at maximum potential!

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