Getting Started With Facebook And Instagram Advertising

Without a doubt, any business needs to have a social media presence, and Facebook and Instagram advertising is the way to go. Of course, email and SMS marketing can work wonders, but for maximum efficiency, you need to use them together. 

Everyone is on one or both of these platforms, and if you want to get maximum exposure, you will need to start learning how to set up these campaigns and make your brand known everywhere. 

Technically, setting up an ad campaign is not hard. All you need to do is choose a purpose and fund it. Of course, that’s what everyone can do. What you need to learn, is how to target them, how to find your ideal audience, and of course, how to make them profitable. 

What you need to know, is that Facebook and Instagram are interconnected, meaning that if you set up your ad on Facebook, it will also run on Instagram, bringing people from both platforms back to your website.

Now, let’s take a quick tour and see how you can create Facebook and Instagram ads.

Getting Started With Facebook And Instagram Ads

The moment you decide to start promoting, you need to choose your goal. Facebook offers the possibility of choosing automated ads. They are personalized to your goals, but if you want a targetted approach, you will need to actually have a purpose.

facebook and instagram advertising


Depending on what you need, choose if you want to boost a post, meaning that more people will engage with that one, get more messages or promote your page, raising awareness, or get more leads and website visitors. So, if you want to gain more people to your website, choose that option. 

The next step is where things get a little more complicated. It’s time that you personalize your ad. You will have to choose your description, headline, and button for starters. These need to convince your audience that they need to click your link and see what your website can do for them. Include a call to action, and you’re set!

Make sure you choose a correct button, as Facebook offers a lot of options. So if you’re offering services, you can choose a “Contact Us” or “Learn More” button. If you’re offering freebies go for the “Download Now” and if you’re selling a product, the “Shop now” is the best option.

The most complicated part is choosing your audience. You can decide if your ads are targeted for males, females, or both, their age and interests. A great ad will manage to land exactly on those people who want to see it, and it requires extensive marketing research. Don’t worry, we got that covered!

The final step is to choose your duration and budget. 

facebook advertising

Obviously, the bigger the budget, the higher the reach. Again, this is something you need to research because a poorly targeted ad can lose you a lot of money.


In the end, Facebook will show you the estimated daily results. So, with a budget of $1000 over 10 days, the website can get anywhere between 718 and 2100 daily hits. Of course, that’s not something you can know for sure, but with the right audience targeted, the numbers can increase. Remember not to try to drive traffic to your site without the Facebook pixel setup.

So are you ready to start publishing your ads? Give us an email and we will be more than happy to help you create and target your ads, and see your business grow day by day.

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